All kinds of Addictions

I help people who feel they have lost control of their lives through addiction. Something which may have started out as a simple craving or recreational activity has turned into a destructive force that affects their live, relationships, self-esteem and threatens the very essence of who they are.
They may feel that they are on the downward path or already have hit rock-bottom – they may not yet realize it, may be in denial or may be forced to confront the issue by other means, such as law enforcement intervention. 

“The question is never “Why the addiction?” but “Why the pain?” The research literature is unequivocal: most hard-core substance abusers come from abusive homes.”
Gabor Maté, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction


All Forms of Addiction

The issue is psychophysical, meaning it relates to a person’s internal (psychic) and external (physical) worlds. Most forms of addiction affect our self-image and how we are perceived by those around us, over time they erode our self-esteem and confidence.
Addiction can manifest in any behaviour, whether it is substance-related or not. This includes gambling, eating, shopping, internet, sport, working and other socially acceptable behaviours which can incorporate key indicators of addiction in a person’s life. 
Studies show that alcohol or drug abuse accounts for "only" 30% of all possible forms of addiction. Addiction is always associated with trauma installed as a coping mechanism.

Some Key Indicators

  • Experiences cravings
  • Experiences temporary relief or pleasure when engaging in behaviour
  • Suffers negative consequences due to behaviour
  • Has an inability to give up behaviour due to negative consequences 

How can i help -Understanding Motivation

With all forms of addiction, there is a fundamental underlying problem and reason. I work with my clients to reach a mutual understanding of the basic motivation for this behaviour and together we develop methods and put in place processes to overcome these tendencies.