Are you?
spontaneous, helpful, authentic, loner, courageous, passionate, sensitive, ambitious, perfectionist, different from everyone else?, emphatic, exotic, ingenious, etc....
then ADHD is often not far away. but if we with ADHD can accept that this was a coping mechanism at the appropriate time and is not a disease, we are very quickly on an exciting journey with these great abilities to compensate for some unpleasant things.

Help for people with special abilities

With all the great things that ADHD offers, but it is often very exhausting to keep up in society or to bring a thing that is not so exciting really to the end.

or respectful with his boss, even if he had just done something really wrong, or the ADHD Mind would have needed 3 moves less for the result.

find interest in ordinary things like having a relationship.

Hurting fellow human beings due to lack of impulse control.

Or simply because it gets boring to listen to someone for the next 5 sentences when you already know the end of the story.


Psycho Eduction

  • just keeping a calendar or to do list.
  • one thing, however normal for everyone else, like cleaning up the kitchen, living room, etc... and being able to stick with it.
  • what for most people are small things like getting organized can often be very challenging for someone in ADHD. however, with a little presence and the right skills, this too can be easily managed. even for you.

all this creates in small things a huge freedom to take care of the really exciting things in ADHD.

ADHD is a lack of dopamine in the body. 

Simply put, too much information enters the brain, which at a certain level is no longer able to process it all.

the more we become aware of this process or curious what is really going on in the moment, we give our mind a new task... because the mind has to do something anyway. better we determine for ourselves what we need right now.

so also the focus comes into play and we can really enjoy the spectacle of being an observer of ourselves.