Anxiety Disorders -Panic Attacs

Anxious feelings are a common and sometimes necessary response to stress, a perceived threat, or a reaction to an important upcoming problem that requires a decision. With an increasing number of people in society suffering from loneliness and isolation, anxiety or fear becomes almost normal. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

“All of the diagnoses that you deal with - depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar illness, post traumatic stress disorder, even psychosis, are significantly rooted in trauma. They are manifestations of trauma. Therefore the diagnoses don't explain anything. The problem in the medical world is that we diagnose somebody and we think that is the explanation. He's behaving that way because he is psychotic. She's behaving that way because she has ADHD. Nobody has ADHD, nobody has psychosis - these are processes within the individual. It's not a thing that you have. This is a process that expresses your life experience. It has meaning in every single case.”
Gabor Mate

How can you also  overcome your anxiety?

I have helped many clients understand and overcome their fears by showing them techniques and simple, lasting skills designed to uncover and resolve the underlying cause. 
fear and panic always refer to something possible in the future. by applying the different skills you learn to reconnect with the here and now. the present moment knows no fear. 

Understand the reasons and mechanism by which these feelings manifest

Anxiety is a process that plays out in you. The symptoms you feel are a product of that process. Identifying the nature of your anxiety and how it affects you, will give us the understanding to treat the condition at its source.

Learn techniques to recognise cues and forecast an approaching anxiety attack

I’ll show you how you can forecast a panic or anxiety attack – identify the types of behaviour that promote these feelings, why it happens and what steps you need to take when you feel an attack coming on.

Develop methods to ameliorate these feelings before they escalate

We’ll work to develop techniques to control panic and anxiety in your life, as well as methods to control your feelings and move to a relaxed state in situations that would normally upset you.

Sleepless nights and panic attacks

We will look at your sleeping patterns and also examine your lifestyle, to identify the factors contributing to poor sleep quality. Meditation and breathing techniques may be prescribed. However even though they are commonly used they too are not for everyone.

In my experience, as people become more aware of the triggers for certain behaviour, the more control they have and the better they sleep.

With panic attacks, understanding danger cues will help us be prepared to better forecast panic and stem the attack before it occurs. To reach this point may also involve processing past traumas that manifest in the present causing flight, fight or freeze states.

Understanding the nature of your anxiety within a safe therapeutic environment guided by an trauma experienced therapist, is the best way to reach an understanding and take control. 

Getting to the crux with my support

Through my professional and compassionate support and a close, harmonious relationship built on respect and mutual trust, we will explore the origins of the anxious feelings you have and come to an understanding of their triggers and how to work with them.

Many mental health disorders have their origins in childhood, or an early experience. Once we understand the function of the anxiety, we can then examine the processes that cause the feelings to manifest.

Treatment varies but depending on the underlying causes, progression is an individual process. More sessions may be required for issues that relate to family dynamics, belief systems, coping mechanisms and repatterning of behaviour for those suffering from addiction and trauma.